Bài Tập Về Câu Điều Kiện – Tổng Hợp Câu Điều Kiện Nâng Cao

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Bài tập về câu điều kiện trong tiếng anh kèm đáp ánCâu điều kiện trong tiếng Anh có 3 loạiCâu điều kiện loại 1Câu điều kiện loại 2Câu điều kiện loại 3Bài tập câu điều kiện có đáp án
Bài tập về câu điều kiện trong tiếng anh kèm đáp án

Câu điều kiện trong tiếng Anh có những loại nào, cấu trúc ra sao, cách sử dụng như thế nào. Các bạn có thể tham khảo lý thuyết về câu điều kiện trong bài viết này và làm bài tập bên dưới nhé.

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Câu điều kiện trong tiếng Anh có 3 loại

Câu điều kiện loại 1

Cấu trúc: If + S + thì hiện tại đơn, S + thì tương lai đơn

Cách sử dụng:

– Câu điều kiện loại 1 chỉ sự thật hiển nhiên như một quy luật tự nhiên hoặc hành động xảy ra thường xuyên.

– Đặt ra một điều kiện có thể thực hiện được trong hiện tại hoặc tương lai

– Nói đến khả năng, sự chắc chắn, sự cho phép, sự bắt buộc hoặc cần thiết


+ If you heat ice, it turns to water.

+ If you come into my garden, my dog will bite you.

Câu điều kiện loại 2

Cấu trúc: If S + quá khứ đơn, S + would + V

Cách sử dụng

– Diễn tả điều không thể xảy ra ở hiện tại hoặc tương lai, chỉ là một giả thiết, một ước muốn trái ngược với thực trạng hiện tại


+ If I were a bird, I would be very happy.

Câu điều kiện loại 3

Cấu trúc: If + S + quá khứ hoàn thành, S + would + have + Vpast participle

Cách sử dụng

– Diễn tả một điều không thể xảy ra trong quá khứ, chỉ mang tính ước muốn trong quá khứ, một sự hối tiếc, một giả thiết trái ngược với thực trạng ở quá khứ.

Bài tập câu điều kiện có đáp án

Bài tập 1: Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc

If we meet at 9:30, we (have) _________________plenty of time.If you (find) _________________ a skeleton in the cellar, don’t mention it to anyone.The zookeeper would have punished her with a fine if she ( feed) _________________ the animals..If you pass your examination, we (have) _________________a celebration.Lisa would find the milk if she (look) _________________ for it in the fridge.What (happen) _________________if I press this button?The door will be unlocked if you (press)_________________ the green button.I should have voted for her if I (have) _________________ a vote then.If you go to Paris, where you (stay) _________________?If you (swim) _________________ in this lake, you’ll shiver from cold.If someone offered to buy you one of those rings, which you (choose) _________________?The flight may be cancelled if the fog (get) _________________thick.If the milkman (come) _________________, tell him to leave two pints.I (call) _________________ the office if I were you.Someone (sit) _________________on your glasses if you leave them there.You would hear my explanation if you (not talk) _________________so much.What I (do) _________________if I hear the burglar alarm?If you (read) _________________the instructions carefully, you wouldn’t have answered the wrong question.If Mel (ask) _________________ her teacher, he’d have answered her questions.I would repair the roof myself if I (have) _________________a long ladder.Unless they turn that radio off, I (go) _________________mad.If you were made redundant, what you (do) _________________?We’ll have a long way to walk if we (run) _________________out of petrol here.If you shake that bottle of port, it (not be) _________________ fit to drink.If you spoke louder, your classmates (understand) _________________ you.I’ll probably get lost unless he (come) _________________with me.You (not have) _________________ so many accidents if you drove more slowly.If you (wear) _________________ a false beard, nobody would have recognized you.If she (leave) _________________ the fish here, the cat will eat it.You (have) _________________ no trouble at school if you had done your homework.Unless you (tell) __________________ the truth, I won’t help you.You’ll get pneumonia if you (not change) _________________ your wet clothes.If I had known that you couldn’t eat octopus, I (not buy) _________________ it.If they (hang) _________________ that picture lower, people would be able to see it.She (be) _________________able to walk faster if she didn’t have such high-heel shoes.I (bring) _________________ you some beer if I had known that you were thirsty.If you had touched that electric cable, you (be) _________________ electrocuted.If the story hadn’t been true, the newspaper (not print) _________________ it.I (not buy) _________________ things on the installment system if I were you.Dan (arrive) _________________ safe if he drove slowly.

Bài 2: Chọn đáp án đúng để điền vào chỗ trống

If I __________the same problem you had as a child, I might not have succeeded in life as well as you have.

a. have B. would have C. had had D. should have

2. I __________you sooner had someone told me you were in the hospital.

a. would have visited B. visited C. had visited D. visit

3. __________more help, I would call my neighbor.

a. needed B. should I need C. I have needed D. I should need

4. __________then what I know yesterday, I would have saved myself a lot of time and trouble over the years.

a. had I known B. did I know C. If I know D. If I would know

5. Do you think there would be less conflict in the world if all people __________the same language?

a. spoke B. speak C. had spoken D. will speak

6. If you can give me one good reason for your acting like this, __________this incident again.

a. I will never mention B. I never mention

c. will I never mention D. I don’t mention

7. If I had known you were asleep, I __________so much noise when I came in.

a. didn’t make B. wouldn’t have made

c. won’t make D. don’t make

8. Unless you __________all of my questions, I can’t do anything to help you.

a. answered B. answer C. would answer D. are answering

9. Had you told me that this was going to happen, I __________it.

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a. would have never believed B. don’t believe

c. hadn’t believed D. can’t believe

10. If Jake __________to go on the trip, would you have gone?

a. doesn’t agree B. didn’t agree C. hadn’t agreed D. wouldn’t agree

11. J: “John went to the hospital alone”,

K: “If __________,I would have gone with him”.

a. had he told me B. he had told me C. he has told me D. he would tell me

12. If you __________, I would have brought my friends over to your house yesterday to watch T.V, but I didn’t want to bother you.

a. had studied B-studied C. hadn’t studied D. didn’t study

13. Peter: “Did you need help with your Math last night?”.

Mary: “If I had needed, I __________you”.

a. would call B. called C. would have called D. will call

14. If someone __________ in to the store, smile and say, “May I help you?”

a. comes B. came C. come D. should come

15. “Here’s my phone number”.

“Thanks. I‘ll give you a call if I __________some help tomorrow”

a. will need B. need C. would need D. needed

16. If I didn’t work for an accounting firm, I __________in a bank now.

a. work B. will work C. have worked D. would work

17. The death rate would decrease if hygienic conditions __________improved.

a. was B. is C. were D. had been

18-The education in Japan __________if the basic principles of education had not been taken into consideration.

a. would go down B. would have gone down

c. went down D. had gone down

19. If there __________, the rice fields could have been more productive.

a. had been enough water B. were enough water

c. would be enough water D. are enough water

20. The patient will not recover unless he __________ an operation.

a. had undergone B. would undergo C. undergoes D. was undergoing

21. If she __________ him, she would be very happy.

a. would meet B. will meet C. met D. should meet

22-If he __________ a thorough knowledge of English, he could have applied for this post.

a. had had B. had C. has D. has had

23. If I had enough money, I__________ abroad to improve my English.

a. will go B. would go C. went D. should have go to

24.The bench would collapse if they __________on it.

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a. stood B. stand C. standing D. stands

25-If it __________convenient, let’s go out for a drink tonight,

a. be B. is C. was D. were


Exercise 1:

will havefindhad fedwilllookedwill happenpresshad hadwill you stayswim would you choosegetscomeswould callwill sitdon’t talkwill you dohad readhad askedhadwill gowould you dorunwon’t bewould have understandcomeswouldn’t havehad wornleaveswould have hadTelldon’t changewouldn’t have boughthungwould bewould have broughtwould have beenwouldn’t have printedwouldn’t buywould drive

Exercise 2:


Luyện nhiều bài tập mỗi ngày theo từng chủ điểm ngữ pháp sẽ giúp các bạn nắm vững kiến thức và ôn luyện tốt hơn đó.


Nếu bạn hoặc người thân, bạn bè có nhu cầu học tiếng Anh thì đừng quên giới thiệu chúng tôi nhé. Để lại thông tin tại đây để được tư vấn:

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