Mô Hình Công Ty Mẹ Tiếng Anh Là Gì ? Công Ty Mẹ Tiếng Anh Là Gì

Công ty mẹ là gì?

Công ty mẹ là công ty khi đáp ứng một trong các điều kiện như: Nắm giữ trên 50 phần trăm tổng số vốn điều lệ hoặc tổng cổ phần phổ thông trong công ty cổ phần đó; có quyền quyết đinh bổ nhiệm thành viên Hội đồng quản trị, Giám đốc hoặc Tổng; có thể sửa đổi, bổ sung Điều lệ của công ty.

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Công ty mẹ tiếng Anh là gì?

Công ty mẹ tiếng Anh là Parent Company.

Công ty mẹ tiếng Anh có thể định nghĩa là: Parent company is a company when it meets one of the following conditions: Holds more than 50 percent of the total charter capital or the total common shares in that joint stock company; have the right to decide on the appointment of members of the Board of Directors, Director or General; may amend and supplement the company’s charter.

Cụm từ tương ứng Công ty mẹ tiếng Anh là gì?

Tiếng Anh Tiếng Việt
Parent Company Công ty mẹ
Company Công ty
Fire Company  Công ty cứu hoả
Private company Công ty tư nhân
Livery company Công ty gan
Public company  Công ty đại chúng
Finance company Công ty tài chính
Holding company  Công ty cổ phần
Limited company Công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn
Company town Công ty thị trấn
Stock company Công ty cổ phần
Finance company Công ty tài chính
Livery company Công ty tư nhân
Company sergeant major Trung sỹ công ty lớn
Hudson’s bay company Công ty vinh Hudson
Joint – stock company Công ty cổ phần
Pabst brewing company Công ty sản xuất bia
Public limited company Công ty đại chúng
The east india company Công ty đông ấn
The Ford motor company Công ty ô tô ford
London broadcasting company Công ty phát thanh truyền hình Luân Đôn
Private limited company Công ty trách nhiệm hữu hạn tư nhân


Một số ví dụ đoạn văn có sử dụng từ Công ty mẹ tiếng Anh viết như thế nào?

– Parent company is a company that has partial or total control over the management of other companies’internal business/production activities.

– Economic groups and corporations have parent companies, subsidiaries and other member companies. Parent companies, subsidiaries and each member company of an economic group or corporation have the rights and obligations of independent enterprises in accordance with law.

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– Parent company is a company that owns a majority or all of the shares of another company so that it can control its management and operations (subsidiaries) by influencing or elect the Boarf of Directors. This concept usually refers to a company that does not produce goods or services by it seft, but its purpose is only to own stocks of other companies. The parent company allows reducing risks for owners and owners.

– Depending on the legal form of a subsidiary, the parent company shall exrcise its right and obligations as a member, owner or shareholder in relation to the subsidiary in accordance with the relevant provisions of this law and other relevants laws.

– If the parent company intervenes outside the authority of the owner, member or shareholder and forces the subsidiary to conduct business operations that are contrary to normal business practices or conduct non- profit activities without compensation. Reasonable compensation in the related financial years, causing damage to subsidiaries, the parent company is responsible for such losses.

– Contracts, transactions and other relationships between the parent company and its subsidiaries are established and executed independently and fairly under the conditions applicable to independent legal entities.

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– The parent company holding more than 50% of voting rights directly or indirectly in Subsidiaries. If there is a difference between the rate of voting rights according to the business registration certificate and the voting rate calculated on the basis of actually contributed capital, the voting right is determined according to the charter of the enterprise or according to the agreement among the side.

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